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The Fund Industry and its digitization are growing incredibly fast!

This page explains our latest technological developments and how we are partnering with leading Fund Industry professionals to help you to cope with the technological and regulatory evolution of the sector.

Partnership Announcement August 4, 2022Neuron & FundProcess have partnered to develop a genuine Cash Flows Projection Model for Private Equity !
Cash Flow monitoring is always a challenge in terms of projection modelling and customization.

The Cash Flow Projection Model developed in collaboration with Neuron is dedicated to Private Equity Funds seeking to improve their Cash Flow Monitoring.
Product Announcement September 6, 2022Stéphane Royer, the CTO of FundProcess, had the privilege to present ETL.NET to the global .NET community on the "On .NET Live" YouTube channel !
The development of this ETL was supported and sponsored by FundProcess. ETL.NET powers the Data and Batch Engine of the FundProcess Solution.

Read this article to find out how this innovative ETL gives sense to your Data by making it talk!