A new approach to Customization and Delegation

Portfolio and Investor Management System

Asset Manager Development Toolkit

Create custom features

Improve transparency of delegated services

Data Management

Powerful & innovative ETL SaaS technologies for system interfacing

Data Management-as-a-Service (DMaaS)

Process Management

Questionnaire with a decision tree

Investor portal, digital client onboarding & operational processes


What we do

FundProcess creates SaaS Solutions and Integrated Coding Tools for Asset Managers wanting to improve the Customization and Integration of their Core Management System and their outsourcing.

What we offer

Our ETL and Macro technologies allow you to design first your Data Management then, the Investment, Risk, Compliance and Private Equity functionalities you need for your business – operated by you or you delegates in your system.

Our Vision

We believe that Integrated Programming Environments, based on Dedicated Languages, achieve the balance between continuous customization, a comprehensive range of features and transparency of delegated services.

Our Approach

Our solution allows you to: (1) Simplify and consolidate your data flows and automated processes, (2) Design your customizations and outsourcing, (3) Give you complete autonomy over your system.

FundProcess Development Toolkit for Asset Managers


Clients & Use Cases

Fund and Wealth Managers
Investor Onboarding, Investment Compliance, Shadow NAV, Risk Management, Due Diligence Management, Trade Blotter, Back-Office Procedures
Private Equity
Valuation, Capital Call Operations, Data Crunching, Cash-flow Projections, Valuation oversight
Advisory Boutiques
Advanced Statistics, Performance and Risk Attribution, Universe Screening, Portfolio Optimisation, Backtesting, Risk-Factor Mapping
Family Offices
Look-Through, MiFID & AML-KYC Questionnaires, Financial Situation Reporting
Private Bankers
Investor Online Portal, Investor Onboarding and Monitoring, Bulk Rebalancing, Investor Reporting

Solutions & Services

Portfolio & Investor Management System

Data hub and backbone for your data, mid-to back-office and sales operations

Process Management

Provides your sales team with digital onboarding procedures, your compliance team with streamlined due diligence processes, your investment team with eligibility checklists and your back office with operational procedures and archive facilities.

Macro Designer

Unlocks your customization needs. Code your own features, dashboards, calculations, risk modules, compliance checks, etc. Become independent from your service providers
Full-featured Coding Tool
Syntax Dedicated to Business
Dynamic Dashboarding
Reporting Integration
Community (Github)

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Report & Designer

Design your own marketing, legal and internal reports or capitalize on a database of templates, including Factsheet, Risk Reporting, Investor Report, SICAV Annual Report, etc

Connect & Automate

Set up all types of automation using a flexible batch designer.

Safely migrate your data, code your connectors with our ETL designer or capitalize on a connectors database to interface with any custodians, market data provider or your internal systems.

Dealing Tools (OMS)

Encode or compute your orders, run pre-check compliance on real-time data, preview brokerage fees and tax, send order books to relevant brokers, reconcile confirmations and transactions and streamline the post-trade execution from order to settlement.

Analytics & Risk Management

Identify the source of your performance using Selection Effect, Performance Attribution, Contribution to Tracking Error and a range of other measures.

Monitor your risk profile on a large panel of risk metrics. Code your in-house statistics.


The support for your invoicing and accounting operations.