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Invest in your business continuity

FundProcess equips you with tools to automate your processes and ensure your business continuity. Indeed, with our innovative macro and report designer, you can now customize and design your own features, reporting and other key items, like connectors and batch processing. A macro is a small piece of code, interpreted by the platform, that enables a feature, calculations, etc.
To reach your customization and automation objectives, a dedicated collaborator from our support desk will give your team training sessions to accompany you throughout the process. You will need a resource in your company that has elementary coding knowledge.

Capitalize on community and templates

FundProcess has initiated a GitHub community of templates for professionals sharing report templates, connectors, and macros (metrics, risk modules, etc.), with the objective of members staying abreast and continuously up to date when new regulatory requirements or new best practices appear.
Our support team will inform you of any new report/macro templates available and of interest to you free of charge. Also, the design of new connectors to mainstream custodians, fund administrators, or others by FundProcess is free of charge.

Report templates

The database of shared and free-of-charge templates is continuously evolving…

As of today, you can find a sample of available, or in progress, templates as below:

Daily Monitoring Report

Improve your company’s day-to-day management with the daily alerts contained in this report. This Html report, sent daily by mail, includes alerts for data issues, expiring MiFID, incomplete due diligences or processes, batch processing errors, etc.

Risk Management Report

Generated by the Risk Manager, usually monthly, this report implements the CESR/10-788 guidelines (CSSF Circular 11/512). Sections include investment limits, concentration risk, global exposure (Commitment and VaR), credit risk, stress testing, liquidity risk, and counterparty risk.

Investor Quarterly Report

Generated for each client in their preferred language, this report summarizes their financial situation. Included are investor data, a portfolio overview, portfolio allocation, period results, historical results, exposures, fees and taxes, and a glossary.


Generated for each share class and translated into the client’s language of choice, it includes the following sections: investment objectives, fund data, asset allocation, NAV evolution versus Benchmark, top performers, contribution to performances, manager commentaries, main risks and disclaimers. (4 pages)


Generated for each share class in all languages, this template contains the KIID regulatory sections, namely objectives, policy, risk and reward (SRRI), charges, past yearly performances, practical information.

Due Diligence and Process Management Report

The purpose of this report is to give the head of compliance and head of operations a clear view of their team's ongoing work. This report is an exhaustive assessment of the due diligences, asset eligibility, and investment control processes underway. It includes a detailed summary of the processes, with statuses and remaining tasks.

Portfolio Report – Daily

Generated for sub-fund managers for their daily investment monitoring, this one-pager is per portfolio and includes daily selection effects and performance attributions.

Portfolio Report – Weekly

Generated for sub-fund managers for weekly investment committees, this report is per portfolio. It summarizes investment limits, active exposures, monthly evolution, performance attributions, contributions to tracking error, ESG and transaction delta, contribution to return, and comments.

Annual Report & Financial Statements

Generated for the board of directors and auditors, this annual report includes financial statements computed from Fund Administration accounting files, the directors’ report, and annexes.

Business Plan

Generated for the board of directors, usually weekly, it includes profit and loan statements, cash-flow projections computed from revenues (fees and retrocessions), and market trend scenarios.

NAV Estimation Report

Generated every morning for the portfolio manager, it includes an estimation, based on the latest market data, of the last NAV and its constituent valuations.

NAV Control

Generated on demand for auditors, it gives day-to-day comparisons of the sub-fund position valuations provided by the Fund Administrator compared to an estimation based on market data.

... and others available soon e.g.: Transaction Management Reports, KID PRIIPS, AIF/AIFM Annex IV Reporting, etc.

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